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EdWorkingPapers Frequently Asked Questions

EdWorkingPapers are available to read online for free with no login required. We do not charge a publication fee. 

EdWorkingPapers circulates papers prior to publication for comment and discussion; these papers have not gone through a rigorous peer review process.

Yes, EdWorkingPapers can be cited. A suggested citation with a DOI is provided for every paper on the paper’s associated landing page. When citing EdWorkingPapers in the media, we recommend acknowledging that they are work-in-progress publications.

You can submit your manuscript via the submission form on our website. 

On average, the reviewers typically reach a decision within about one week, with some exceptions during busy periods. Once approved, the manuscript is typically published on the website within a week.

While pre-registration is not obligatory, we highly recommend authors engage in pre-registration for their studies, promoting and upholding scholarly rigor in the research process.

EdWorkingPapers accepts working papers that have recently been posted on other repositories, provided that any external branding is removed to conform to the standard EdWorkingPapers format.

Authors are encouraged to submit revised manuscripts and have the option to replace the old version with the newer one or keep both versions available on EdWorkingPapers.