Peter Blair

Institution: Harvard Graduate School


Dr. Peter Blair hails from the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. He is a Faculty Research Fellow of the National Bureau of Economic Research and an Assistant Professor at Harvard University, where he serves as the Principal Investigator of the BE-Lab. His group's research in applied micro-economic theory focuses on occupational licensing, labor market discrimination, residential segregation and supply-side issues in higher education. The BE-Lab also studies questions related to economic growth and education in the developing world. Dr. Blair has given academic talks and public lectures at universities across the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. He is also regularly invited to give seminars at regulatory agencies and policy institutes including: the Federal Reserve Banks, Federal Trade Commission, and the Brookings Institution. His group's work on occupational licensing has been featured in leading business publications, including the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Blair received his PhD in Applied Economics from the Wharton School, his M.A. in Theoretical Physics from Harvard University and his BSc in Physics and Mathematics from Duke University.