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U.S. Middle School Mathematics Instruction, 2016

In recent decades, U.S. education leaders have advocated for more intellectually ambitious mathematics instruction in classrooms. Evidence about whether more ambitious mathematics instruction has filtered into contemporary classrooms, however, is largely anecdotal. To address this issue, we analyzed 93 lessons recorded by a national random sample of middle school mathematics teachers. We find that lesson quality varies, with the typical lesson containing some elements of mathematical reasoning and sense-making, but also teacher-directed instruction with limited student input. Lesson quality correlates with teachers’ use of a textbook and with teachers’ mathematical background. We consider these findings in light of efforts to transform U.S. mathematics instruction.

instructional quality; teaching mathematics
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Hill, Heather C., and Virginia S. Lovison. (). U.S. Middle School Mathematics Instruction, 2016. (EdWorkingPaper: 22-618). Retrieved from Annenberg Institute at Brown University:

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